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  • Kostner’s Controversial Routine

    Kostner’s Controversial Routine

    With a fall very near the beginning of her routine, Carolina Kostner loses hope of a gold at the 2013 World Championships pretty quickly.  With a routine that was not super technical anyway, she needed every point she could get.  There did not seem to be the standard deduction for the fall, however.  Thus, the  controversy.  What do you think? Did she deserve  the score she got?    

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  • Kim Yuna Commands Ice And Gets Gold

    Kim Yuna Commands Ice And Gets Gold

    What an unbelievable performance at the 2013 World Championships.  Dare I say it was just about flawless?  It was jump after beautiful jump and spin after amazing spin…all strung together with really good footwork and artistic expression in her arms and face.  This was a well deserved Gold and marked as extra special considering that Kim took a year off from competition to regroup.  Just amazing!

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  • Dancing On Ice – It Is Not All Glam!

    Dancing On Ice – It Is Not All Glam!

    It seems like it would be a fun thing to do – watch famous people (paired with professionals) ice skate.  Seems harmless enough, right?  Wrong.  Take a look at this montage of some of the falls and accidents that the contestants had to go through during the different shows.  It’s not all fun and games!  Ouch!    

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  • Dancing On Ice – Jorgie Porter’s Small Mistake

    Dancing On Ice – Jorgie Porter’s Small Mistake

    Back in 2012 during the show Dancing on Ice, Jorgie Porter of the British Soap “Hollyoaks” was paired with American pairs skater, Matt Evers.  During a rehearsal for one of the performances, Porter placed her boot during a move too close to Evers face, and ended up cutting him right between the eyes!  Evers quickly places Porter on the ice and seeks medical attention – and ends up with stitches on his forehead.  Every move counts!  Watch as they still [...]

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  • Johnny Weir’s Fashion On Ice

    Johnny Weir’s Fashion On Ice

    Known for his on ice antics and costumes, Johnny Weir was a perfect choice to rock out a Betsey Johnson outfit for the Pandora Skating Series called “Fashion on Ice”.  Ice skating has enjoyed attention (is ‘enjoyed’ the right word?) regarding the outfits worn on ice by many skaters.  Some have reached legendary status and are easily recognizable outfits due to the competitions or events that happened while the skaters were wearing them.  Watch Johnny work it it true diva [...]

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  • As If Figure Skating Wasn’t Hard Enough

    As If Figure Skating Wasn’t Hard Enough

    Seriously, figure skating is hard enough, but what happens when you decide to add hoola hooping to it your routine?  That’s exactly what Chloe Lewis (age 14) decided to try when she entered the Toyota Center’s “Be a Star” competition back in July of 2011.  As a rhythmic hoop dancer, Lewis decided to combine her two loves and came up with this rhythmic hoop routine to the song “Blow” by Ke$sha  

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  • Mao Adada’s Closing Performance

    Mao Adada’s Closing Performance

    Mao Asada performed to “Por Una Cabeza” for the closing Gala at the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships and wowed the audience with her clean, fun, upbeat and beautiful routine.  She was her confident self and nailed every jump and showed off her spinning ability beautifully.  Asada is quite the vision from start to end.  Now that’s how to end the show!    

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  • Belle Is Really Beautiful

    Belle Is Really Beautiful

    Little Belle is only 4 in this video and she is precious beyond words!  Steady on her little feet – she is showing some real promise in this competition routine to “You lift me up”.  Her spins are very good and she shows a confidence in each move that is impressive.  What do you think?    

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  • Inventing a Spin

    Inventing a Spin

    Back in 2007, Kayla Doig, a skater from Queensland unknowingly invented a new spin.  As Kayla competed in the Australian Figure Skating Championships, she was surprised to find out that she received a two point bonus and was told that she needed to give her new move a name.  Kayla ended up naming the spin the “Kayla Catch” and received lots of attention for the interesting and very pretty move.    

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  • Just In Case You Think Camel Spins Are Easy

    Just In Case You Think Camel Spins Are Easy

    Listen in as this ice skating coach explains all of the elements that go into a camel spin.  It is a fairly complicated move that should be done with precision and skill and an instructor!

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