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  • Climbing To The Top Of Ice Dancing

    Climbing To The Top Of Ice Dancing

    The Russian Ice Dancing team of Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Soloviev speak here in this news piece about the pressure to rise to the top and beat out the incredible teams of  Virtue and Moir as well as David and White.  They made a decision to switch coaches after 12 years to Alexander Zhulin, who is a noted coach and seeks to help the pair reinvent themselves in order to have a shot at the top spots in the ice [...]

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  • Davis and White in Dramatic ‘Phantom’ Dance

    Davis and White in Dramatic ‘Phantom’ Dance

    The feel to a competition piece is a bit different to a pure exhibition performance and you can certainly feel that here.  Davis and White bring a bit of The Phantom of the Opera to the ice at this show but show once more how talented they really are.  Watch for the incredibly beautiful and difficult lift toward the end of this piece.  It will take your breath away!  They are an amazing pair of ice dancers and this is [...]

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  • Ice Dancing Champions Go Bollywood

    Ice Dancing Champions Go Bollywood

    Davis and White were the 2010 Ice Dancing Champions and pulled off this difficult Bollywood routine with ease.  Well, it looked easy, anyway – and in that they did accomplish their mission!  Some of the lift sequences were really spectacular and they certainly brought the flavor and feel of Bollywood to the ice. What a fun and interesting performance!

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  • Zhang & Zhang’s Quadruple Throw

    Zhang & Zhang’s Quadruple Throw

    This video is from 2006, but that quad throw is still amazing to see! Zhang and Zhang are an athletic pair and they did some great lifts in addition to that quad in this routine.  Their artistic ability and synchronicity could have been better here, but overall it was quite the performance!

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  • A Valient Effort: Silks and Ice Skating

    A Valient Effort: Silks and Ice Skating

    Here is a junior skating effort from a pairs team at the Ice Skating Club Holiday Show from 2011.  The silk acrobatic is done by Tiffany Tang.  This is an innovation and twist on the typical ice skating routine and I’m not hugely sure how great of a match up this could be.  It seems that the possibility for an accident with the skates and the silks is pretty big. Thus, this is really quite a dangerous thing and if [...]

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  • Amazing Jumps From Ladies Figure Skating

    Amazing Jumps From Ladies Figure Skating

    This is a great compilation of some of the best jumps from some of the best that ladies figure skating has to offer.  Featured in this video are Ashley Wagner of the US, Elizaveta Tuktamisheva of Russia, Mao Asada from Japan, Alissa Szysny, also from the US and last is Carolina Kostner from Italy.  Each lady has their own style and grace and this can really be seen in each jump.

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  • Get Yourself To Figure Skating Bootcamp!

    Get Yourself To Figure Skating Bootcamp!

    The physical demands of figure skating are different from the demands of other sports.  Most traditional fitness workouts don’t offer the skills needed to really help a skater meets the demands of the sport.  That’s why this competitive skater decided to take matters into her own hands and opened up her own Figure Skater Bootcamp in Canada.  This is where the serious skaters need to be! Along with any one else who wants an intense workout!

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  • Ice Skating Lessons From Sasha Cohen

    Ice Skating Lessons From Sasha Cohen

    How would you like to get ice skating lessons from the likes of Sasha Cohen? She gives tips to Michelle of FawnInc and shows off some skating moves in the process.  Michelle works on her spin and then does some bunny hops.  It’s always best to start of slow when it comes to ice skating, so they will leave the back cross overs for next time!  Yikes! That Michelle learns fast!    

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  • Ashley Wagner’s Gala Performance to Vienna

    Ashley Wagner’s Gala Performance to Vienna

    Cool and collected, Ashley Wagner gave a lovely and calm performance at the 2013 World Championship Gala performance to none other than Billy Joel’s song “Vienna”.  With all the pressure off, Wagner gave a sweet and lovely to watch performance.  With the Gala performances, you can really see the personality of the skater and artistically, Wagner did not disappoint!

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  • A Bright (Orange) Future for Danielle

    A Bright (Orange) Future for Danielle

    The future looks bright for young Danielle Harrison of the UK.  In fact, it looks at least as bright as that orange costume!  She delivers a wonderful performance at the British Figure Skating Championships back in 2012 to a piece of music from “Don Quixote”.  There is a jump that looks like it might have been intended as something else, but then she popped out of it and only completed a single.  The other jumps were good – as were [...]

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