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  • Two Quadruple Jumps But Still Second

    Two Quadruple Jumps But Still Second

    During his short program, Kevin Reynolds of Canada executed two very lovely quadruple jumps at the 2010 ISU Mens Figure Skating Grand Prix.  The first was a quad-triple combo, which was then shortly followed by a triple axel and then another quadruple jump.  Reynolds did well on both quads, but spun out a bit of the triple axel.  His routine also included several spin sequences and some fairly complex footwork, but all that was still not enough to win.  Without [...]

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  • ‘Imagine’ With Sale & Pelletier

    ‘Imagine’ With Sale & Pelletier

    A moving and touching exhibition performance from Sale & Pelletier after returning with their Gold medal from the 2002 Olympics.  It had to feel good to finally skate without any pressure after the scandal that rocked the 2002 Olympics put them in the glaring eye of the media.  This easy to watch performance shows their commitment to each move and some of the lifts are really remarkable.  Sit back, watch, and enjoy!    

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  • Ups And Downs Of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze

    Ups And Downs Of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze

    This montage shows some of the beautiful moments, and some of the heartbreaks of Berezhnaya and Skikharulidze.  They are a beautiful pair that are quite commanding and intriguing when things go as planned.  This montage also shows a bit of their love for each other and we see a bit of the softer moments that they have experienced behind the scenes off the ice.

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  • And The Ice Cracked – 2002 Scandal

    And The Ice Cracked – 2002 Scandal

    The 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City was the setting of a scandal that rocked the figure skating world.  When the pairs skaters took to the ice, they had no way of knowing that the French and Russian judges had agreed (under some pressure) to a scoring swap.  If the French judge would favor the Russian team in the pairs competition, the Russian judge would favor the Canadian team in the ice dancing competition.  Yikes!  It created quite the mess [...]

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  • Kwan’s Much Talked About “Sheherazade”

    Kwan’s Much Talked About “Sheherazade”

    As a much anticipated Olympic routine, this “Sheherazade” performance was not perfect and while beautiful, left Michelle Kwan without the Gold medal she had desperately wanted.  You hear the crowd’s reaction to her fall and it was certainly reflected in her scores.  So close! But this performance was not enough to help Kwan bring back gold for the US.  Still, it is a heartfelt and beautiful routine.  

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  • Ludmila Smirnova and Alexej Ulanov from 1973

    Ludmila Smirnova and Alexej Ulanov from 1973

    This team from the U.S.S.R. was quite good and was closely watched during competitions.  As the commentator notes, around this time the focus was on beginning to be more on athleticism, and this team has a very dance-like quality to them. They are smooth and very refined in their movements and appear very comfortable on the ice together. As a married couple, their partnership may benefit from this comfort and familiarity.

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  • A Love Story From Usova & Zhulin

    A Love Story From Usova & Zhulin

      In a soft and romantic number (well suited for Valentine’s week!) Usova and Zhulin give a wonderful performance to the music of Love Story.  Not technically difficult, they deliver instead a whimsical and loving routine that shows all their strengths artistically. It seemed a little rude for Zhulin to walk off before getting their artistic marks, though.  What do you think about that? Whether he liked the first set of marks or not, it seemed a tad unprofessional.

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  • The Four Musketeers + Ice Skating = Philippe Candeloro

    The Four Musketeers + Ice Skating = Philippe Candeloro

    People love Philippe because, as Scott Hamilton says, he put the audience first.  He loved entertaining the crowd and always did what he could to give everyone a show and take them on a journey with him into the movies that he loved.  He knocks it out of the park with this routine – and even though he barely hung on to a couple of the jumps, the crowd still loved it and got just enough points to place him [...]

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  • Usova & Zhulin Mesmerize

    Usova & Zhulin Mesmerize

    Enchanting…that is what this ice dancing routine from Usova and Zhulin is.  Simply enchanting and slightly haunting as well.  Their moves are courageous and innovative.  Wonderful lifts and transitions throughout combined with good speed and synchronization makes for some great scores!  Count up those “Tens”!

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  • Bonaly’s Still Got It

    Bonaly’s Still Got It

    Here is a performance from Surya Bonaly  from 2012 at an exhibition in Turin Italy.  Showing her signature athleticism and back flip, she does really well with all her jumps and looks great on the ice.  It is good to know that she is still performing and showing all she can do on the ice.  It has been awhile since we have seen her and sure are glad we ran across this video.  Well done and we hope to see [...]

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