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  • Amazing Jumps From Ladies Figure Skating

    Amazing Jumps From Ladies Figure Skating

    This is a great compilation of some of the best jumps from some of the best that ladies figure skating has to offer.  Featured in this video are Ashley Wagner of the US, Elizaveta Tuktamisheva of Russia, Mao Asada from Japan, Alissa Szysny, also from the US and last is Carolina Kostner from Italy.  Each lady has their own style and grace and this can really be seen in each jump.

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  • Get Yourself To Figure Skating Bootcamp!

    Get Yourself To Figure Skating Bootcamp!

    The physical demands of figure skating are different from the demands of other sports.  Most traditional fitness workouts don’t offer the skills needed to really help a skater meets the demands of the sport.  That’s why this competitive skater decided to take matters into her own hands and opened up her own Figure Skater Bootcamp in Canada.  This is where the serious skaters need to be! Along with any one else who wants an intense workout!

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  • Ice Skating Lessons From Sasha Cohen

    Ice Skating Lessons From Sasha Cohen

    How would you like to get ice skating lessons from the likes of Sasha Cohen? She gives tips to Michelle of FawnInc and shows off some skating moves in the process.  Michelle works on her spin and then does some bunny hops.  It’s always best to start of slow when it comes to ice skating, so they will leave the back cross overs for next time!  Yikes! That Michelle learns fast!    

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  • Ashley Wagner’s Gala Performance to Vienna

    Ashley Wagner’s Gala Performance to Vienna

    Cool and collected, Ashley Wagner gave a lovely and calm performance at the 2013 World Championship Gala performance to none other than Billy Joel’s song “Vienna”.  With all the pressure off, Wagner gave a sweet and lovely to watch performance.  With the Gala performances, you can really see the personality of the skater and artistically, Wagner did not disappoint!

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  • Kostner’s Controversial Routine

    Kostner’s Controversial Routine

    With a fall very near the beginning of her routine, Carolina Kostner loses hope of a gold at the 2013 World Championships pretty quickly.  With a routine that was not super technical anyway, she needed every point she could get.  There did not seem to be the standard deduction for the fall, however.  Thus, the  controversy.  What do you think? Did she deserve  the score she got?    

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  • Kim Yuna Commands Ice And Gets Gold

    Kim Yuna Commands Ice And Gets Gold

    What an unbelievable performance at the 2013 World Championships.  Dare I say it was just about flawless?  It was jump after beautiful jump and spin after amazing spin…all strung together with really good footwork and artistic expression in her arms and face.  This was a well deserved Gold and marked as extra special considering that Kim took a year off from competition to regroup.  Just amazing!

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  • Johnny Weir’s Fashion On Ice

    Johnny Weir’s Fashion On Ice

    Known for his on ice antics and costumes, Johnny Weir was a perfect choice to rock out a Betsey Johnson outfit for the Pandora Skating Series called “Fashion on Ice”.  Ice skating has enjoyed attention (is ‘enjoyed’ the right word?) regarding the outfits worn on ice by many skaters.  Some have reached legendary status and are easily recognizable outfits due to the competitions or events that happened while the skaters were wearing them.  Watch Johnny work it it true diva [...]

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  • Mao Adada’s Closing Performance

    Mao Adada’s Closing Performance

    Mao Asada performed to “Por Una Cabeza” for the closing Gala at the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships and wowed the audience with her clean, fun, upbeat and beautiful routine.  She was her confident self and nailed every jump and showed off her spinning ability beautifully.  Asada is quite the vision from start to end.  Now that’s how to end the show!    

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  • An Oldie But Goody: Mr. UK

    An Oldie But Goody: Mr. UK

    John Curry delivers a routine that is rich with control and mastery over each movement.  Nothing is wasted, each move has a purpose and can be felt.  He does not rush – and in fact, draws out movements (like the camel spin at the end) to create something honest and artistic.  You can certainly see how some of today’s skating looks to be influenced by the likes of John Curry, but the beauty he created by not rushing through things [...]

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  • That Was Close! A .01 Win For The Kerrs

    That Was Close! A .01 Win For The Kerrs

    The brother and sister ice dancing team of Sinead and John Kerr just barely won the 2010 ISU Ice Dance Figure Skating Grand Prix by a margin of a whopping .01 points!  Their smooth and unique performance helped them to win over the Canadian team of Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier.  That must have been hard to handle!  They should have both gotten first place with that small of a score difference, right? Just sayin’

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