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  • Duhamel & Radford Give A Sweet Performance

    Duhamel & Radford Give A Sweet Performance

    Here are Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford giving a wonderful performance in the 2013 World Championships.  It was light, bright and airy. Flawless? Well, no, but it was still quite an excellent and athletic routine that showed off their skills as a pairs team.  Great synchronized jumps and spins and she really nailed both of her throw jumps as well.  This Canadian team did all they could to get on that podium.

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  • Chan Chokes in Long Program

    Chan Chokes in Long Program

    This is the long program that the commentators were discussing in the last post on Brian Joubert from Patrick Chan.  This performance comes off of the record breaking short program that Chan had given and that everyone was still buzzing about.  Keep in mind that he racked up a huge score in the short program and that the scores from that one get added to his scores to this performance.  However, no one could have predicted that Chan would simply [...]

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  • A Brave Effort From Joubert

    A Brave Effort From Joubert

    A wonderfully brave and gutsy return of France’s Brian Joubert in the 2013 World Championships.  He has had a hard time over the last couple of years, and as the commentator mentions, even had come to a point where he seemed to have lost all confidence in himself and was really struggling.  This performance is a return to what he capable of and we hope to see more from him coming up this year.  A great and valiant effort!   [...]

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  • Olympic Youth Ice Dancing Highlights

    Olympic Youth Ice Dancing Highlights

    This is a highlight reel of the 2012 Olympic Youth competition in Innsbruck Ice Dance competition.  All I can say is “Wow!”  These young ice dancing pairs are quite exceptional and did a wonderful job with complicated choreography and difficult lifts.  The Russian pairs places both in first and third place, sandwiching the Ukrainian pair who provided a beautiful performance with some breathtaking straight line and curved lifts.    

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  • Virtue and Moir Enthrall Audience

    Virtue and Moir Enthrall Audience

    At the 2013 World Championships, the ice dancing team of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir completely enthrall and delight the audience right from the start.  Within second of beginning the routine, the audience is clapping in synch with the music and with obvious delight.  It is easy to see why.  Virtue and Moir move with crispness and a beautiful ease and synchronicity that is stunning.  And those lifts! My goodness! They are precise and thrilling to watch.

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  • Two Faves in One – Yuna and Michelle

    Two Faves in One – Yuna and Michelle

    If you love Yuna Kim and Michelle Swan than this is the video for you!  These lovely ladies join to perform at the 2010 All That Skate exhibition performance at the Staple Center in LA.  Yuna and Michelle have a bit of admiration to pour on each other before they begin a dual performance that is elegant and oh-so pretty!  Sit back and enjoy this cool and easy performance from two of the best ladies skaters around.  

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  • Climbing To The Top Of Ice Dancing

    Climbing To The Top Of Ice Dancing

    The Russian Ice Dancing team of Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Soloviev speak here in this news piece about the pressure to rise to the top and beat out the incredible teams of  Virtue and Moir as well as David and White.  They made a decision to switch coaches after 12 years to Alexander Zhulin, who is a noted coach and seeks to help the pair reinvent themselves in order to have a shot at the top spots in the ice [...]

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  • Davis and White in Dramatic ‘Phantom’ Dance

    Davis and White in Dramatic ‘Phantom’ Dance

    The feel to a competition piece is a bit different to a pure exhibition performance and you can certainly feel that here.  Davis and White bring a bit of The Phantom of the Opera to the ice at this show but show once more how talented they really are.  Watch for the incredibly beautiful and difficult lift toward the end of this piece.  It will take your breath away!  They are an amazing pair of ice dancers and this is [...]

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  • Ice Dancing Champions Go Bollywood

    Ice Dancing Champions Go Bollywood

    Davis and White were the 2010 Ice Dancing Champions and pulled off this difficult Bollywood routine with ease.  Well, it looked easy, anyway – and in that they did accomplish their mission!  Some of the lift sequences were really spectacular and they certainly brought the flavor and feel of Bollywood to the ice. What a fun and interesting performance!

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  • Zhang & Zhang’s Quadruple Throw

    Zhang & Zhang’s Quadruple Throw

    This video is from 2006, but that quad throw is still amazing to see! Zhang and Zhang are an athletic pair and they did some great lifts in addition to that quad in this routine.  Their artistic ability and synchronicity could have been better here, but overall it was quite the performance!

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