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  • Too Cute For Words

    Too Cute For Words

    When I was 3 and a half, I was running and falling down…how about  you?  This little one is quite something as she manages to skate with an adorable confidence that can only come from youth. She is something special and watching her will make your heart smile.  Just see if you don’t agree!

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  • Great Beginner Skate Routine

    Great Beginner Skate Routine

    Little Sophia has good speed and is learning to use that toe pick! Sassy and adorable, her spins are pretty good for only being 5 years old here. She earned her stuffed animals, that’s for sure!

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  • Raw Potential

    Raw Potential

    This 9 year old boy seems to have some raw potential as he jumps and spins his way through this routine.  This was filmed back in 2009 and he has hopefully kept up with the sport! A little rough around the edges, but still very cool to watch!

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  • A Little Wobbly, But So Cute!

    A Little Wobbly, But So Cute!

    Okay…so she is a little wobbly, but she is only 4 years old. This cute routine is perfect for a little one just learning to master the basics and she does well. Turns and moving your hands to the choreography while still skating is tough!

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  • A Tiny Ito Wows

    A Tiny Ito Wows

    Back when she was 11 years old, Midori Ito of Japan was stunning audiences and the professional commentators were fighting to have a say about her.  Watch as a young Ito pops off triple jump after triple jump at only 11!  She was born to be on the ice, that’s for sure! LIKE and share this post to inspire other young skaters.

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  • Spunky 8 Year Old Figure Skater

    Spunky 8 Year Old Figure Skater

    She is a spunky little thing and she gives a very clean performance here. Good speed on the jumps and spins.  She is also solid on the spins with good flexibility.  What a little darling!

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  • Starr Is A Star!

    Starr Is A Star!

    At age 7, this little girl is very special. She is spunky and full of life – and has some good spins in this program.  Her name is Starr and that seems like it is meant to be.  This is a very nice performance and we will all need to remember her name!

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  • 6 Year Old Delivers Great Spins

    6 Year Old Delivers Great Spins

    Wow – Little Samantha gave a great performance here in 2010.  Confident, she glides across the ice with good speed and really did a couple of awesome scratch spins in the routine. Very impressive for such a youngster.  The Pink Panther would be proud that she used his theme song! Did you LIKE this routine? Click that button if you were impressed, too.

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  • So Young and Cute!

    So Young and Cute!

    Little Nikki was only 4 years old in this video and was nice and steady on her skates.  Her spiral was clean – especially for one so tiny. I thought she might tip over from the weight of her skate! Her bow at the end was also adorable and reminded me of one of my nieces.

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  • Too Cute! 4 Year Old’s Freestyle Routine

    Too Cute! 4 Year Old’s Freestyle Routine

    Little ones are usually not so coordinated but this 4 year old girl is exceptional for her age!  She is pretty smooth and really fun to watch.  Hopefully she has stuck with it and worked on making those spins a little faster! LIKE this post if you found yourself smiling by the time she bows at the end.

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