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  • 7 Year Old Marilyn?

    7 Year Old Marilyn?

    First of all, may I say…that’s some wig!  When you hear the quick mash up of the Madonna song, it begins to make a little more sense.  That said, I’m not sure a 7 year old should be channeling Marilyn for a performance, but young Katarina kept it light and playful and gave a pretty good performance.  She had great energy and gave the 2011 Houston Fall Invitational Figure Skating Competition all that she had.    

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  • Simply Enchanting!

    Simply Enchanting!

    She is young and graceful – a good combination to attack this great piece of music.  The lightness of Pizzicato by Leo Delibes is perfectly matched by this young lady’s ability to spin and jump.  She is confident on her feet and even in a stumble, she just keeps going and is not phased at all!  We look forward to seeing more from her, that’s for sure!    

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  • Belle Is Really Beautiful

    Belle Is Really Beautiful

    Little Belle is only 4 in this video and she is precious beyond words!  Steady on her little feet – she is showing some real promise in this competition routine to “You lift me up”.  Her spins are very good and she shows a confidence in each move that is impressive.  What do you think?    

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  • Katia, Daria and Liza – What a Beautiful Family!

    Katia, Daria and Liza – What a Beautiful Family!

    Katia Gordeeva performs with her two beautiful daughters, Daria and little Liza.  They dance to the song “Homesick” performed live by the Cheetah Girls.  A fun and sweet routine that shows off Liza’s potential, for sure!  It was  a little interesting to see how much Daria looks like her late father, Sergei, but beautiful all the same.  They are such a lovely family and will hopefully be showing us all more as the girls continue to grow.

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  • Move Over Hannah Montana

    Move Over Hannah Montana

    Here is young Haley skating to a Hannah Montana track and rocking it out.  Using props is never easy and so we salute you! Good job and keep up the good work!  

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  • Makenna Eases “On Down The Road” To First Place

    Makenna Eases “On Down The Road” To First Place

    Ladies and Gents, we have a little star here!  Makenna Hicks gave a spirited and content filled routine to “Ease on down the road” from the movie “The Wiz”. Her dress is perfect, with the blue skirt and the rainbow path coming across her torso!  She completed some very nice elements and her spins were very good. How do you think she did?

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  • What About Mom? What Did She Win?

    What About Mom? What Did She Win?

    Little 3 year old Natasha Frank one first place at her local ISI competition, but what did her mom win?  She should have won something…she placed little Natasha where she was supposed to be at the beginning and then helped prompt her through the routine…all from a spot near the boards. Mother of the year? Perhaps!  Honorable mention, at least!  LOL

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  • Serious Old School Skating

    Serious Old School Skating

    A vintage reel of some small children learning to ice skate.  A little cheesy by today’s standards, but it is neat to see anyway.  Those poor parents stuffed into that little viewing box would be happy to see the usual bleacher set up of most current skating rinks!

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  • “All I Want For Christmas”

    “All I Want For Christmas”

    To get you in the mood for Christmas, here is a happy little routine from a sweet 5 year old.  Little Katarina channels her inner diva and skates to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” and does it with some great spins and a cute red Santa dress.

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  • The Pink Panther Would be Proud

    The Pink Panther Would be Proud

    Six year old Samantha has some great edges and is doing well on the switching from going forward to back and her jumps have confidence. Pretty in pink, she has the beginnings of a kind of flair – it will serve her well!  Well done, Samantha!

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