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  • Zhang’s Finest Moments

    Zhang’s Finest Moments

    Caroline Zhang is a Junior Worlds Champion, and for good reason.  Not only can she jump, hers spins put her in a class of her own.  Her back is very flexible which helps her to get into and out of positions cleanly and elegantly, but she also has a wonderful center of balance which also allows her to get positions on some spins that others simply can’t quite get to. She is wonderful to watch and this little montage is [...]

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  • Sonja Henie “Queen of the Ice”

    Sonja Henie “Queen of the Ice”

    Here is 15 year old Sonja Henie showing off her moves in 1928.  Filmed in St. Moritz, Henie’s jumps are shown in slow motion so that you can appreciate her skill on the ice.  This was soon after the Olympics for that year and this is a rather rare Pathe film. What do you think?  Would Henie have been able to compete with today’s competitors?  She certainly seems very comfortable on the ice and shows plenty of personality.  

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  • Santa Baby x 3

    Santa Baby x 3

    It is not easy to skate in unison – but these young ladies give their best shot. To get you in the holiday spirit, we give you “Santa Baby” exhibition performance from 3 sassy skaters. It’s cute, it’s fun…it’s Santa Baby x 3!

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  • Not Bad After Only 1 Year Of Lessons

    Not Bad After Only 1 Year Of Lessons

    This 12 year old girl only had 12 months of lessons before this performance, which is her second competition.  Not bad!  She moves with confidence and has a good command of all the basics.  Comparatively, she may be a little late to the game (as many 12 year old kids entering competitions have had years of lessons already) but she seems to have taken to the ice nicely. Some people find their center of balance more easily than others, and [...]

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  • A Heartfelt “Hallelujah”

    A Heartfelt “Hallelujah”

    Taryn Jurgensen gives an emotional performance for the Funakoshi Trophy at the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase, in Burbank, California.  She is poised, elegant and truly beautiful in this routine.  Watch her spins…especially that layback spin at the end.  How graceful and awesome is it?  LIKE this post and let us know you appreciate her performance as much as I do!

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  • Junior Ladies – Hannah Miller’s Enchanting Free Program

    Junior Ladies – Hannah Miller’s Enchanting Free Program

    Miller delivers a clean, enchanting performance in her free program for the Grand Prix Finals for 2012.  Her jumps are right on target and her spins are simply beautiful.  She delivered under pressure and did a wonderful job of it.  She is one to watch coming up, that’s for sure.

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  • 13 Year Old Mirai Nagasu

    13 Year Old Mirai Nagasu

    Okay, there are some wobbly moments, but what a graceful and clean performance from Nagasu back when she was just 13 years old.  A quality skater, she is consistent and has some wonderful spin moments and her jumps are right on target.  We will see her again in more recent videos coming up!

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  • Junior World Championship Skate By Gracie Gold

    Junior World Championship Skate By Gracie Gold

    Gracie Gold delivered a wonderful routine. Talk about solid – jumps were good, spins were good and her artistry was good.  She got some really wonderful height on her jumps and it was a treat to watch. Not too shabby for a young lady that did not even qualify for last year’s meet!  Gold placed 2nd in this year’s championship. Is she someone to watch, do you think? Let us know in the comments and LIKE the post and share [...]

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  • First (Women’s) Juniors Triple Axle

    First (Women’s) Juniors Triple Axle

    Wow! At only 14 (back in 2005) and just under 5 feet tall, Mao Asada gave us the first triple axle at the Junior World competition.  Graceful and poised, Asada just keeps jumping and jumping…triple-triple combinations? No problem! Gorgeous lay back spins? No problem!

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  • What Spins! Julia Lipnitskaya at 2012 Russian Nationals

    What Spins! Julia Lipnitskaya at 2012 Russian Nationals

    You have got to see Julia’s spin sequence toward the end of this routine. It is spectacular!  She is smooth, graceful and very flexible.  Getting into some of those positions would be difficult enough, but doing them while spinning on ice really adds to the difficulty. Great routine, don’t you agree?  LIKE this and Share it so that others can see it, too.

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