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  • Olympic Youth Ice Dancing Highlights

    Olympic Youth Ice Dancing Highlights

    This is a highlight reel of the 2012 Olympic Youth competition in Innsbruck Ice Dance competition.  All I can say is “Wow!”  These young ice dancing pairs are quite exceptional and did a wonderful job with complicated choreography and difficult lifts.  The Russian pairs places both in first and third place, sandwiching the Ukrainian pair who provided a beautiful performance with some breathtaking straight line and curved lifts.    

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  • Self Choreographed “Set Fire” Performance

    Self Choreographed “Set Fire” Performance

    Here is a wonderful piece from a young lady at the Pasadena Competition in 2011.  This is a self choreographed number that was for the Junior Ladies Dramatic exhibition.  She combined some more modern dance moves into the routine.  What do you think? Did she capture the essence of the song and help you to feel the emotion?  

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  • A Valient Effort: Silks and Ice Skating

    A Valient Effort: Silks and Ice Skating

    Here is a junior skating effort from a pairs team at the Ice Skating Club Holiday Show from 2011.  The silk acrobatic is done by Tiffany Tang.  This is an innovation and twist on the typical ice skating routine and I’m not hugely sure how great of a match up this could be.  It seems that the possibility for an accident with the skates and the silks is pretty big. Thus, this is really quite a dangerous thing and if [...]

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  • A Bright (Orange) Future for Danielle

    A Bright (Orange) Future for Danielle

    The future looks bright for young Danielle Harrison of the UK.  In fact, it looks at least as bright as that orange costume!  She delivers a wonderful performance at the British Figure Skating Championships back in 2012 to a piece of music from “Don Quixote”.  There is a jump that looks like it might have been intended as something else, but then she popped out of it and only completed a single.  The other jumps were good – as were [...]

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  • As If Figure Skating Wasn’t Hard Enough

    As If Figure Skating Wasn’t Hard Enough

    Seriously, figure skating is hard enough, but what happens when you decide to add hoola hooping to it your routine?  That’s exactly what Chloe Lewis (age 14) decided to try when she entered the Toyota Center’s “Be a Star” competition back in July of 2011.  As a rhythmic hoop dancer, Lewis decided to combine her two loves and came up with this rhythmic hoop routine to the song “Blow” by Ke$sha  

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  • Inventing a Spin

    Inventing a Spin

    Back in 2007, Kayla Doig, a skater from Queensland unknowingly invented a new spin.  As Kayla competed in the Australian Figure Skating Championships, she was surprised to find out that she received a two point bonus and was told that she needed to give her new move a name.  Kayla ended up naming the spin the “Kayla Catch” and received lots of attention for the interesting and very pretty move.    

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  • Just In Case You Think Camel Spins Are Easy

    Just In Case You Think Camel Spins Are Easy

    Listen in as this ice skating coach explains all of the elements that go into a camel spin.  It is a fairly complicated move that should be done with precision and skill and an instructor!

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  • All That Jazz With Emma Jean

    All That Jazz With Emma Jean

    Here is a clean and impressive skate from junior Emma Jean.  As she channels her inner Catherine Zeta-Jones, we get a good look at some pretty impressive potential.  Emma Jean keeps up a bright smile and great speed as she gives it her jazzy best.  Nice jumps, too.  Her performance was full of confidence and involved the audience…two things that don’t some naturally to all skaters.  Keep an eye out for Miss Emma Jean!    

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  • Challenging Routine From Elena Radionova

    Challenging Routine From Elena Radionova

    This is quite the athletic routine from Radionova of Russia at the ISU Grand Prix Final 2012 in the Junior Ladies Free Skate.  She has some incredible spins and jumps here that really show off how solid of a skater she is.  This is a young lady to keep your eye on, that’s for sure.  She also maintained good speed without getting too tired to complete the moves toward the end of the routine with the same attack. There is [...]

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  • Young Pairs Team Wows In Russia

    Young Pairs Team Wows In Russia

    The pairs team of Tey Babylonia and Randy Gardner were the first juniors pairs team from the United States to perform at Moscow Skates in Russia.  They certainly did the USA proud as they gave a performance that was quite remarkable for their ages.  Nice unison and some wonderful lifts and jumps rounded out this impressive routine.  Excellent form and a sensitivity to the audience helped them make their mark in this event, that’s for sure!

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