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  • Ice Skating Olympic Unhopefuls

    Ice Skating Olympic Unhopefuls

    Ice skating isn’t for everyone. It looks beautiful and it looks easy. It seems like a lot of fun and the idea of gliding across ice is certainly enticing.  But the reality can be quite different for those who are not super coordinated and athletically inclined.  (As this video will testify to!)  It can take a lot of practice to become stable on your ice skates and before you can manage to stay upright as you skate around the rink.  [...]

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  • Dancing On Ice – It Is Not All Glam!

    Dancing On Ice – It Is Not All Glam!

    It seems like it would be a fun thing to do – watch famous people (paired with professionals) ice skate.  Seems harmless enough, right?  Wrong.  Take a look at this montage of some of the falls and accidents that the contestants had to go through during the different shows.  It’s not all fun and games!  Ouch!    

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  • Dancing On Ice – Jorgie Porter’s Small Mistake

    Dancing On Ice – Jorgie Porter’s Small Mistake

    Back in 2012 during the show Dancing on Ice, Jorgie Porter of the British Soap “Hollyoaks” was paired with American pairs skater, Matt Evers.  During a rehearsal for one of the performances, Porter placed her boot during a move too close to Evers face, and ended up cutting him right between the eyes!  Evers quickly places Porter on the ice and seeks medical attention – and ends up with stitches on his forehead.  Every move counts!  Watch as they still [...]

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  • It Went Wrong So Quickly

    It Went Wrong So Quickly

    Sorry Maddie.  The entrance was so full of confidence…what happened, do you think?  The poor girl found it hard to keep it cute and sassy when she kept falling and we can certainly understand why.  You’ll get’em next time!  Keep smiling!

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  • Full Heartstopping Routine From Wötzel & Steuer

    Full Heartstopping Routine From Wötzel & Steuer

    I know that you have probably seen the clip of Wötzel & Steuer where Wötzel catches her toe pick and ends up smashing face first into the ice on her chest and hitting her chin.  This is the full video from the beginning of their performance where you hear commentator Scott Hamilton say that they have not been skating well all week.  The performance quickly has them both missing a side by side jump and her touching down on the landing [...]

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  • 2006 Olympic ‘Oops!’

    2006 Olympic ‘Oops!’

    The 2006 Olympics had their fare share of figured skating falls and accidents.  This montage features mistakes from many of the competitors with some of the most painful looking ones involving the pairs teams.  So much work goes into each performance, but if the rotation is not fast enough on a jump it can really spell disaster.  With the pairs team, working so closely with another skater can be difficult as well.  Just watch and see!    

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  • Ouch! And Other Skating Bloopers

    Ouch! And Other Skating Bloopers

    In this montage of skating bloopers, no one is safe.  Pairs and singles are featured and while some of the accidents will make you cringe, others really are quite humorous!  Who knew that some relatively simple moves would land these professional skaters on their backsides, right?  Everyone is prone to a bad day now and then and aren’t these skaters lucky that they also had cameras on them to catch every embarrassing moment!  Oops!  That looked like it hurt!

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  • Pairs Painful Moments

    Pairs Painful Moments

    Skating and falling is not something that is ever fun or pain free.  The ice is rather unforgiving of even the slightest mistake and can send your partner tumbling, or even both of you tumbling at times! This montage may be a bit painful to watch, but rest assured it was even more painful to those that made the mistakes and fell!  Some, it hurt their ego, for some, it was more painful to their bodies and some felt the [...]

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  • The Many Falls Of Sasha

    The Many Falls Of Sasha

    I guess I did not realize that Sasha Cohen was prone to falling and making mistakes so often during performances.  A kind ‘fan’ made this montage of 35 of her falls and two foot landings to make the point that she may well be one of the most famous and well recognized skaters to also be so accident prone.  She can be a beautiful skater when things go right…it just seems so odd that things didn’t go so well for [...]

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  • Skating “Oops”! Did I Do That?

    Skating “Oops”! Did I Do That?

    Falls and mistakes are something that all skaters would like to keep quiet and simple forget, if at all possible.  But no…not only is it humiliating to fall or make a mistake during the performance, with the internet those “oops” moments get the chance to live on forever for other people entertainment.  I hate to admit, some of these are pretty funny!  Some are not, and some are more like mistakes than accidents.  But no matter which they are, all [...]

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