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  • Full Heartstopping Routine From Wötzel & Steuer

    Full Heartstopping Routine From Wötzel & Steuer

    I know that you have probably seen the clip of Wötzel & Steuer where Wötzel catches her toe pick and ends up smashing face first into the ice on her chest and hitting her chin.  This is the full video from the beginning of their performance where you hear commentator Scott Hamilton say that they have not been skating well all week.  The performance quickly has them both missing a side by side jump and her touching down on the landing [...]

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  • ‘Imagine’ With Sale & Pelletier

    ‘Imagine’ With Sale & Pelletier

    A moving and touching exhibition performance from Sale & Pelletier after returning with their Gold medal from the 2002 Olympics.  It had to feel good to finally skate without any pressure after the scandal that rocked the 2002 Olympics put them in the glaring eye of the media.  This easy to watch performance shows their commitment to each move and some of the lifts are really remarkable.  Sit back, watch, and enjoy!    

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  • Ups And Downs Of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze

    Ups And Downs Of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze

    This montage shows some of the beautiful moments, and some of the heartbreaks of Berezhnaya and Skikharulidze.  They are a beautiful pair that are quite commanding and intriguing when things go as planned.  This montage also shows a bit of their love for each other and we see a bit of the softer moments that they have experienced behind the scenes off the ice.

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  • And The Ice Cracked – 2002 Scandal

    And The Ice Cracked – 2002 Scandal

    The 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City was the setting of a scandal that rocked the figure skating world.  When the pairs skaters took to the ice, they had no way of knowing that the French and Russian judges had agreed (under some pressure) to a scoring swap.  If the French judge would favor the Russian team in the pairs competition, the Russian judge would favor the Canadian team in the ice dancing competition.  Yikes!  It created quite the mess [...]

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  • Kwan’s Much Talked About “Sheherazade”

    Kwan’s Much Talked About “Sheherazade”

    As a much anticipated Olympic routine, this “Sheherazade” performance was not perfect and while beautiful, left Michelle Kwan without the Gold medal she had desperately wanted.  You hear the crowd’s reaction to her fall and it was certainly reflected in her scores.  So close! But this performance was not enough to help Kwan bring back gold for the US.  Still, it is a heartfelt and beautiful routine.  

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  • 2006 Olympic ‘Oops!’

    2006 Olympic ‘Oops!’

    The 2006 Olympics had their fare share of figured skating falls and accidents.  This montage features mistakes from many of the competitors with some of the most painful looking ones involving the pairs teams.  So much work goes into each performance, but if the rotation is not fast enough on a jump it can really spell disaster.  With the pairs team, working so closely with another skater can be difficult as well.  Just watch and see!    

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  • Ouch! And Other Skating Bloopers

    Ouch! And Other Skating Bloopers

    In this montage of skating bloopers, no one is safe.  Pairs and singles are featured and while some of the accidents will make you cringe, others really are quite humorous!  Who knew that some relatively simple moves would land these professional skaters on their backsides, right?  Everyone is prone to a bad day now and then and aren’t these skaters lucky that they also had cameras on them to catch every embarrassing moment!  Oops!  That looked like it hurt!

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  • Pairs Painful Moments

    Pairs Painful Moments

    Skating and falling is not something that is ever fun or pain free.  The ice is rather unforgiving of even the slightest mistake and can send your partner tumbling, or even both of you tumbling at times! This montage may be a bit painful to watch, but rest assured it was even more painful to those that made the mistakes and fell!  Some, it hurt their ego, for some, it was more painful to their bodies and some felt the [...]

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  • Ludmila Smirnova and Alexej Ulanov from 1973

    Ludmila Smirnova and Alexej Ulanov from 1973

    This team from the U.S.S.R. was quite good and was closely watched during competitions.  As the commentator notes, around this time the focus was on beginning to be more on athleticism, and this team has a very dance-like quality to them. They are smooth and very refined in their movements and appear very comfortable on the ice together. As a married couple, their partnership may benefit from this comfort and familiarity.

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  • The Many Falls Of Sasha

    The Many Falls Of Sasha

    I guess I did not realize that Sasha Cohen was prone to falling and making mistakes so often during performances.  A kind ‘fan’ made this montage of 35 of her falls and two foot landings to make the point that she may well be one of the most famous and well recognized skaters to also be so accident prone.  She can be a beautiful skater when things go right…it just seems so odd that things didn’t go so well for [...]

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