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  • Triple Axel History Makers

    Triple Axel History Makers

    Okay, I know this might not sound that nice, but the skaters in the first couple of minutes mostly seem to be so relieved to not fall on their hind ends!  A couple of the landings are sheer will and their happiness clearly shows.  But Mao Asada is the first one to complete the triple Axel looking like it was no big deal.  Let us know if you agree or not!

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  • Dorothy Hamill Shows Us How It Is Done

    Dorothy Hamill Shows Us How It Is Done

    Confident and sexy, Dorothy Hamill gave a simple and a little surprising performance in 1985.  Usually a bit more demure, Hamill rocked a pretty sexy number for this performance and wowed everyone!  Wonderful edges, everything was executed excellently.  And yes, that scratch spin at the end is worth waiting for…you may even rewind the video and watch it again, it’s so good!

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  • Kerrigan’s 1993 Meltdown

    Kerrigan’s 1993 Meltdown

    This video contains a short piece on the pressure Nancy Kerrigan was facing as the favorite to win the World Figure Skating Championship in Prague.  It focused on her ability and struggle to find balance and confidence in her life and practice.  Ironically, her free skate proved that the pressure was too much, as her very first jump ended with a touch down of her hand on the ice on the landing, followed by a botched triple jump.  Her remarks [...]

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  • Funnyface Wins Gold

    Funnyface Wins Gold

    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir gave their 2012 World Championship performance to the tunes from the movie “Funnyface”.  Consistently in character, the pair gave a wonderfully intricate and speedy performance.  They kept the speed through the entire performance and were great to watch as they made Fred Astair and Audrey Hepburn proud!  Very well done!

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  • From 8th to 2nd for Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov

    From 8th to 2nd for Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov

    This is how you do it!  At this year’s World Figure Skating Championships, Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov gave their most wonderful performance to date.  They were spot on with each element, the throws, the lifts, the spins and the side by side jumps.  Everything was excellent!  They were in eighth place before this performance but vaulted into second place with the scores they earned here.

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  • Whoops and Bloopers From The 80′s

    Whoops and Bloopers From The 80′s

    Sure…we think it is funny to watch others fall down…and, okay, it is!  Possibly the first ‘bloopers’ reel of figure skaters making mistakes on the ice, this video shows that any and all skaters have a bad moment now and then.  No one is exempt, as you will soon see.

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  • Not Quite What He Planned

    Not Quite What He Planned

    Patrick Chan gave a beautiful and elegant performance.  The artistry was just amazing to behold – and as the commentator mentioned, it almost felt like a dance performance.  He did make a rather large mistake and that was unfortunate.  But the overall performance was just mesmerizing and really awesome to watch.

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  • No Longer The ‘Almost’ Girl – Ashley Wagner

    No Longer The ‘Almost’ Girl – Ashley Wagner

    When you go into a competition stating “It’s mine to lose”, you’d better have the goods to back it up!  With a rough couple of past seasons, Ashley Wagner was ready to sail through the short program, which had tripped her up in the past.  She did just that.  This video montage shows her journey, and eventual triumph at the 2012 US Nationals. She allowed that long program to just happen and it really paid off!  Congrats Ashley!

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  • Ain’t That a Kick in The Head?

    Ain’t That a Kick in The Head?

    On the show “Dancing on Ice” Jennifer Ellison does a scorpion kick toward the end of the routine and manages to kick the back of her head and give herself a bad gash.  A true trouper, she finishes the routine, but then immediately puts her hand to her head and looks to her partner for help. He knows she has hurt herself and later explains that when she did the split move on the ice at the very end, he [...]

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  • Santa Baby x 3

    Santa Baby x 3

    It is not easy to skate in unison – but these young ladies give their best shot. To get you in the holiday spirit, we give you “Santa Baby” exhibition performance from 3 sassy skaters. It’s cute, it’s fun…it’s Santa Baby x 3!

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