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  • Yuna Kim’s Signature Move

    Yuna Kim’s Signature Move

    When you can make a move your own and create a signature for yourself, do it.  Yuna Kim found that she could add on a variation to the camel spin by bending her free leg and twisting her body to create a beautiful spin.  The camel spin is a staple of figure skating and so this fresh take on it is really great to see.  Go Yuna!

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  • Oksana As The Swan

    Oksana As The Swan

    Remember this almost iconic performance from Oksana Baiul? She was soft and graceful and gave a performance where the audience held their breath.  You will notice how quiet everything got towards the middle of the piece.  This was Oksana at her best.  

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  • Skating Move Not Worth Trying

    Skating Move Not Worth Trying

    There is a reason that men lift the women…  They are stronger (in most instances) than the women and when you are skating on the slick surface of the ice, it is the last place you want to be dropped. This poor guy got dropped on his head in this move. She really should have done some extra weight training to get her arms in shape before this performance!

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  • The ‘Showman’ Scott Hamilton

    The ‘Showman’ Scott Hamilton

    Amazing footwork sequences, jumping ability, a sense of humor, skill and then there is that goofy smile.  How can you not simply love Scott? His flair for drama and ability to involve the crowd got him the name ‘the showman’. Even when other skaters do more difficult jumps, Scott was unapologetic about how he approached each routine and was happy if the crowd was happy.  What more can you ask for?

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  • Too Cute For Words

    Too Cute For Words

    When I was 3 and a half, I was running and falling down…how about  you?  This little one is quite something as she manages to skate with an adorable confidence that can only come from youth. She is something special and watching her will make your heart smile.  Just see if you don’t agree!

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  • Great Beginner Skate Routine

    Great Beginner Skate Routine

    Little Sophia has good speed and is learning to use that toe pick! Sassy and adorable, her spins are pretty good for only being 5 years old here. She earned her stuffed animals, that’s for sure!

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  • Raw Potential

    Raw Potential

    This 9 year old boy seems to have some raw potential as he jumps and spins his way through this routine.  This was filmed back in 2009 and he has hopefully kept up with the sport! A little rough around the edges, but still very cool to watch!

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  • Amazing Long Performance From Shen & Zhao

    Amazing Long Performance From Shen & Zhao

    Beautiful, powerful and innovative. This routine is breathtaking in the pictures they create and how in sync they are throughout.  It is a wonderful thing to see and it was nice to see them so happy at the end.  Their scores certainly reflected the ‘Oooo’ and ‘Ahhhs’ from the audience! LIKE and share!

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  • A Little Wobbly, But So Cute!

    A Little Wobbly, But So Cute!

    Okay…so she is a little wobbly, but she is only 4 years old. This cute routine is perfect for a little one just learning to master the basics and she does well. Turns and moving your hands to the choreography while still skating is tough!

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  • Nagasu – a Little Older and Incredible

    Nagasu – a Little Older and Incredible

    Once again – Marai Nagasu performs.  This time it is at the Olympics and she gives an engaging and fun routine that is just a blast to watch.  She maintains incredible speed throughout the whole thing and her spins are amazing. Simply awesome!

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