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  • Bad Pairs Spin Move

    Bad Pairs Spin Move

    Well, yes…the video commentators are speaking Russian but you don’t need anyone to tell you what is happening in the video.  It looks like the man caught his skate on a rut or something in the ice and loses his footing and, thus, his hold on his partner.  She lands fully on her front, bruising her rips and hips.  It also looks like she had the air knocked out of her as well, she is so still right after the [...]

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  • Katarina Witt Does Carmen

    Katarina Witt Does Carmen

    With four triple jumps and a lot of flair, Katarina Witt secured the Gold medal in the 1988 Olympics with her “Carmen” routine.  Spicy and flirtatious, Witt gave a solid and fun to watch routine.  She was quite the presence on the ice with her long legs and beauty.

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  • The MAGIC of Torvill and Dean

    The MAGIC of Torvill and Dean

    Mesmerizing…that is the only word to describe their “Bolero” routine. Even though it was back in 1984, the skill and artistry still holds up today. Who else has ever done anything like what Torvill and Dean did? Absolutely no one! They rank among the best of the best and really brought attention to the sport.

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  • Dangers  of Pairs Skating

    Dangers of Pairs Skating

    This is a great short piece on the more common dangers of pairs skating and steps the pairs take to avoid the spills.  The most dangerous time is when the pair is learning a brand new move. It is the fear that comes with a first time move are when accidents are most likely to occur.  To help alleviate the nervousness, the couple practices first on mats or on a trampoline in order to get the right coordination.

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  • Beautiful! Ah, Paris

    Beautiful! Ah, Paris

    Pairs skaters Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy give a beautiful performance in Paris back in 2010.  Smooth, romantic, exciting…everything that should be seen in a Paris exhibition piece. Loved it! Did you love it, too? If so, LIKE it and share it please!

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  • Totmianina and Marinin Horrific Drop

    Totmianina and Marinin Horrific Drop

    This is from back in 2004 – Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin were performing their long program and all seemed to be going well for the pair. Suddenly on a lift, Marinin loses his footing and drops Totmianina straight onto her face and neck. This is one of the worst I’ve seen, as the poor women simply does not even move after the drop. A hush descends on the crowd and the music is stopped.  Thankfully, she only had a [...]

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  • Sasha Cohen Falls Again And Again

    Sasha Cohen Falls Again And Again

    Back at the 2006 Olympics, Sasha Cohen had some issues that really affected her chances at a medal. It was difficult to watch as a groin injury kept her from really delivering the performances she was capable of.  It was a rocky start to this long program, but she did still have some beautiful moments here, nonetheless.  LIKE the post and share if you remember wincing as she fell on the first jump.

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  • Spunky 8 Year Old Figure Skater

    Spunky 8 Year Old Figure Skater

    She is a spunky little thing and she gives a very clean performance here. Good speed on the jumps and spins.  She is also solid on the spins with good flexibility.  What a little darling!

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  • Daria and Ekaterina 1st Time Skating Together

    Daria and Ekaterina 1st Time Skating Together

    As the daughter of two Olympic gold medalists, no one was surprised when Daria took to the ice.  Here is the first performance of Ekaterina Gordeeva and her daughter  with Sergei Grinkov – Daria.  They are too cute and you can tell that Mom is a lot more nervous and watchful than the little one.  But they get through the performance and you can see promise in Daria.  Think she will stick with it? LIKE the post and let us [...]

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  • Junior World Championship Skate By Gracie Gold

    Junior World Championship Skate By Gracie Gold

    Gracie Gold delivered a wonderful routine. Talk about solid – jumps were good, spins were good and her artistry was good.  She got some really wonderful height on her jumps and it was a treat to watch. Not too shabby for a young lady that did not even qualify for last year’s meet!  Gold placed 2nd in this year’s championship. Is she someone to watch, do you think? Let us know in the comments and LIKE the post and share [...]

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